2021 / project at digital society school

Talent development is a shared responsibility of the triple helix parties. I worked as a visual designer in a diverse team at Digital Society school. Our team tackled the challenge, how to attract and engage the private sector to make TOMAS, an online interactive mapping platform primarily meant as a B2B product, a widely used tool for matching, connecting, different projects, initiatives, programmes and making an impact in the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam (MRA).


We worked on this project for 5 months consisted 5 sprints and spent the first two Sprints on user research across the different stakeholders and interviewed representatives from private sector companies of different sizes and backgrounds in the  Metropolitan Region Amsterdam (MRA) and candidates from talent initiatives as well. Moving forward in the next sprint, we took this research and started breaking it down into key elements, trying to resolve our question.



Our research helped us understand the mindsets behind companies and their driving forces to collaborate with an external initiative. The insights gathered pointed towards their emphasis on the need to work with a trustworthy company that will provide them with an additional benefit from the resources they have internally and also enable them to find the right talent through new employees or by training and up-skilling their internal employees. The private sector also acknowledged the importance of talent development and inclusion of the community which is crucial to TEG playing an important role to enhance the current level of engagement and communication in Talent Development landscape in the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam (MRA)

These are the visuals I created as a part of the process, such as interviewing creating persona, and prototyping and user tests.

Our solution: Impact profile

The T-Passport is an impact profile that would be an addition to the current TOMAS website. It would provide talent initiatives and companies the opportunity to have a specialized space showcasing their goals and accomplishments whilst recognizing them for their collaborative work in this industry. The profile would have different criteria to measure the current level of partnerships between companies for talent development. An example would be a criterion on how Inclusive & Diverse companies are, whether their work is focused around this crucial pillar in society. Through their collaborations, announcements, and employee training, one can evaluate how the company includes this pillar and leads the way to be a Talent Development Influencer in the MRA.


The T-Passport not only allows you to showcase your work, but also gives you an additional benefit of participating in social return projects that contribute to society. Based on individual progress companies make in specific pillars on their profile, they earn progress points which then fills a meter towards a specific project. Once a threshold is reached, a social return project gets unlocked, companies can sign up and contribute to social development. These projects would be around inclusivity, sustainability, going green and will respond to societal challenges we see everyday. They are not only rewarded by their effort in the talent development industry, but also have the chance to leave a bigger impact on society through these specialized projects tailored to their goals.



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