Eye For Three rebranding

2024 / Personal project

The Eye For Three rebranding project was a conceptual endeavor aimed at revitalizing the image of an eyewear brand deeply committed to its values. The brand’s core ethos is reflected in its name: “for you” signifies its dedication to providing timeless, stylish eyewear that transcends fleeting trends; “for them” represents its commitment to supporting underprivileged individuals in India through cataract surgery funding; and “for the planet” underscores its innovative use of upcycled plastics sourced from discarded eye drop bottles to craft its sunglasses.

The primary objective of the rebranding project was to create a visual identity that effectively communicated Eye For Three’s values, personality, and compelling story. Collaborating with the brand’s owner, Rina Nagaoka, and receiving guidance from Studio Kartel, the project aimed to capture the essence of Eye For Three’s mission and ethos.


A key element of the rebranding effort was the introduction of blob shapes into the visual identity. Inspired by the fragments of eye drop bottles used in the brand’s production process, these blobs symbolize both the brand’s soft, helpful personality and the intrinsic value of its products. The bold outline, coupled with the unfilled interior, conveys a sense of daring and openness, while the soft corners evoke a welcoming and approachable demeanor. Additionally, the open shape creates a visual effect reminiscent of looking through a pair of glasses, further reinforcing the brand’s core identity.


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