Horoscopes by AI

2021 / school project

People talk a lot about horoscopes, astrology, zodiac signs. Despite the fact that there is zero science to back it up, horoscopes are one of the billion-dollar industries worldwide. It started in ancient Mesopotamia, and even now it has taken over the web culture. But why do we need this? That is because we are wired to hate uncertainty. Human beings find not knowing what could happen even more stressful than knowing that something bad is definitely going to happen. That’s why we started collecting data of stars and using that data to tell stories.
Then there is another question. If horoscopes are just a tool to escape the anxiety of uncertainty, why can’t an AI be an astrologist for us?
In my project, you’ll see an attempt to let an AI become an astrologist. You may be surprised by how good the machine is at creating horoscope-like sentences. What “real” horoscopes usually tell us is the same. If you look hard enough, you will find what you are searching for.


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